All about Luna.Frecks

I actually first started my jewellery business 5 years ago when I was

completing my final year of college for my major project work . I loved it so much and had planned on continuing with my brand (then under a different name) however, that little something we call life happened and I got distracted with job opportunities and a salary (got me real good).

 In no way do I have any regrets in pursuing down the ‘expected’ career choices, as that was an experience in itself for all the right reasons. I like to think it’s that experience that has led me back to the creative path and helped me get to that ‘fuck it’ moment let’s get creative ! ! 

I think a lot of people feel like they can’t pursue their passion as it may not always be the ‘safest’ option, or what’s expected of them, but over the last year for me I have learned to embrace the gamble - and I am having the bestest time ever   !

After my little epiphany I really wanted to throw myself into designing and working more on creative projects. At the moment I feel like I have had my hands in allllll the cookie arts & crafts jars   - anything with glitter & neon that sparkles which remotely look like magic   has become my latest obsession 🤩 After re falling in love with any & every kind of art, this passion has really taken over  My mind 🧠! My heart ! And dare I say it - even ma soul !

Art is a healer people. 

Creating is a drug that has no comparison (although the old jazz stick does go a long way in getting the creative juices pumping🤭) and I really want to share my creative journey of epic fails(they’ll defs be a few ) & discoveries through LunaFreckles - my creative outlet which is only just at the beginning, eeeek ! So defs keep your peepers out peeps. Thank you so much for all the love already that ya’ll have been sending my way, it really does inspire & encourage me to keep on exploring the endless possibilities of creativity. I hope that you enjoy my bling and have fun reppin’ them queens.