How to care for ya blingz

Working with semi precious raw cut stones, there may be inclusions, and imperfections within these stones. This doesn't mean they are faulty. The stones I use are all natural raw stones, and because of this the colours and tones of the stones will vary from piece to piece. If you have a specific colour on tonality that you are wanting feel free to drop me a message and I can let you know what I have in stock.  
With the texture of the metal, everything is handmade. Not one is exactly the same. Dents, scratches are part of the craftsmanship that goes to the character and individuality of the piece. 
As most things are made from recycled sterling silver, swimming and getting the piece wet isn't a problem, however the pieces that are mixed with brass, I wouldn't recommend getting in the water in. 
The more delicate pieces, just be mindful that you don't put pressure on any of the chains as they will snap.